Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rewrites Galore

So I wrote a query letter to see if I had any major plot holes in Belle and the Beast.

SURPRISE! I do! So now I have to change several things, and am currently editing/rewriting the entire manuscript. I've made some progress, but I still have A LONG way to go before I submit to publishers.

Among the changes I've made is changing Belle's name to Isabelle and Jesse to Tristan. I also think I'm going to have one of Isabelle's cousins be nice and try to help out Isabelle in the end. Speaking of the end, I have to completely rework that. I've written the ending scene several times, and I still have some major work to do on the opening.

Yet I know I can somehow manage.

So what's your advice on rewriting/editing/dealing with huge plot holes? How do you defeat those moments of despair?

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